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Journals and EJournals

by Fabio Lahr last modified May 17, 2018 02:23 PM

The SPS Library holds a range of journals relating to Sociology, Social & Developmental Psychology, and Land Economy. Patrons are welcome to view and copy journals within the library, however unfortunately they cannot be borrowed. To request a journal, simply fill in the journal request form, providing as much information as possible and we can collect the item for you.  

Most journals we hold are now duplicated electronically so you should be able to access most articles remotely. If there is a journal title that you would like to recommend for purchase please contact the library.

Getting started finding a Journal

There are a few ways to find a journal or ejournal in Cambridge:
  • iDiscover - good for both journals and ejournals. Covers all the libraries of the University of Cambridge. Search by journal title. Also allows you to search by article title.


For a guide to using the ejournals@cambridge portal, have a look at the tutorial on their blog; it provides a great overview on how best to search the site.

It's possible to browse the list of all ejournals currently available in Cambridge; the list can be divided down by subject area

If there is a journal title that you would like to recommend for purchase as an ejournal, please complete the online form for the ejournals@cambridge team.