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Land Economy: Dissertations, Journals & ebooks links

by John Hennessy last modified May 17, 2018 11:44 AM
Land Economy Resources: Links to Dissertations, Journals ebooks

Journals and EJournals

The University holds a range of journals relating to Land Economy, including the role and use of land, real estate, and environment within an economy. It applies particularly the disciplines of economics, law and planning for the analysis of the governance of land use, urban areas and interactions with other environmental resources. A list of electronic journals appearing on Land Economy reading lists can be accessed here.

Most journals are now duplicated electronically so you should be able to access most articles remotely. If there is a journal title that you would like to recommend for purchase please contact the library.

Patrons are welcome to view and copy journals within the library, however unfortunately they cannot be borrowed. To request a journal, simply fill in the journal request form, providing as much information as possible and we can collect the item for you. 

 Land Economy Dissertations & Theses

The SPS Library holds a range of Undergraduate and Postgraduate* Land Economy Dissertations:

  • Undergraduate
  • LE MPhil
  • Real Estate Finance
  • Environmental Policy
  • Planning Growth and Regeneration
  • Planning Growth and Regeneration

The SPS Library also holds a very limited collection of Ph.D theses from Sociology and Land Economy.

The University Library (UL) has a more comprehensive collection of doctoral dissertations.

*Please note that the postgraduate link leads to an online Excel spreadsheet at the Department of Land Economy website. Whilst it is a comprehensive list of theses, it does not include the classmarks that we use to locate the items. When submitting online requests, you should copy and paste the title/author of the dissertation into iDiscover, which will provide all of the information needed.

 How to search for LE Dissertations & Theses

A comprehensive list of Land Economy Dissertations can be found via the above link or at the SPS Library desk.

They can also by title and author on iDiscover.

The items are held in the Mond building and can be requested either at the issue desk, or by completing the Request a Thesis Form; we endeavour to collect theses within an hour, however please note that we cannot fetch after 5pm Mon-Fri or on a weekend.

Also note that there is a maximum of 3 items per request. If multiple request forms are submitted they will be processed one at a time (i.e. the second batch will be fetched after the first is returned to the issue desk). There may also be a delay before staff can do this.

Once fetched, items will be held at the issue desk for 48 hours before being returned to the store.

Theses cannot be borrowed from the library or copied in any way (without express permission from the author).

 Land Economy ebooks

A list of ebooks for Land Economy MPhils can be found here.

Further information about searching for ebooks can be found here.

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