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Rules and Regulations

by Fabio Lahr last modified Jul 01, 2015 03:31 PM

SPS Library Rules & Regulations

The Library Regulations have been approved by the Library Committee, with the aim of giving all readers the opportunity to make the fullest use of the available resources and services.

1. Readers may not borrow or renew books if they have overdue items or outstanding fines.

2. Readers may only borrow on their own library card and must show their card whenever they wish to borrow. Readers wishing to borrow books on another card must show a letter of authorization from the owner of the card. If the Library is open, books should be returned to a member of staff, or at the self-issue terminal. When the Library is closed, books may be returned via the book returns box.

3. Readers must not write in, mark, or otherwise deface or damage library material or equipment in any way. Anyone vandalising a book, i.e. marking the text with a pencil or pen or folding corners, will be charged a fine to cover the replacement cost (including a £6.00 administration charge, plus binding fee if applicable), and will face a possible ban from the Library.

4. Readers should report lost books immediately.

5. Food is not permitted in the library.  Water and hot drinks in flasks/covered travel mugs are permitted.  There is a water cooler available in the library (please bring a bottle).  Covered travel mugs for shop-bought coffee are available to borrow at the issue desk.

6. A quiet environment for study must be maintained and mobile phones should be turned to silent.

7. Library notices are sent as courtesy reminders only. It is each reader's responsibility to return materials on time.

8. Readers must return all books to the library at least 15 minutes before closing time on the Tuesday at the end of Full Term. Books overdue on the first day of vacation incur increased fines.

9. Readers must not lend any library item to any other person.