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Damaged Books

1. Pencil marks may look insignificant, however they encourage subsequent borrowers to make further marks and comments. Even small marks in pencil will cost the reader the full replacement price of the text, plus an administration charge.

             Minor marks

2. Highlighting, underlining, drawing and written comments using a variety of styles, colours and media. The end result is distracting and often obscures the text.  Scanners which convert printed material into computer information do not work if the text of the material has been marked with a pencil or pen. Hence access is effectively denied to visually impaired patrons who use text to speech software.

           Multiple user damage    Pen marks 3

           Pen marks 2    Multiple user damage 3

3. When a user underlines or circles every line of the text, one wonders what they gain by the process. It must be quicker just to note down the page numbers of the relevant sections. These texts are left practically illegible for other students.

          Underlining   Underlining 2

4. Users who attempt to erase pencil marks often leave the pages crumpled, even torn. Some pencil markings are so hard that they cannot be permanently erased and remain clearly visible.

Lost Books

If you think you’ve lost a library book please let us know as soon as possible!

We understand that it can be hard to keep track of library books you’ve borrowed from several Cambridge libraries, while trying to meet course deadlines. We also know from experience that books frequently turn up after a while, so for that reason we give you a 40 day grace period to find the book after you report it; during this time we’ll put any fines against the book on hold until either the book turns up, or you decide to settle the invoice.

If you think you have lost a book, come in and speak to us Mon – Fri, 9.15am – 5.00pm and we’d be happy to help. If you can’t make it during this time, send us an email or give us a ring.

Lost Book FAQs 

What do you charge for lost books? 

We charge: 
- The cost of the book as quoted by our supplier (usually Dawson Ltd.) 
- An administration fee of £6 per book (this is to cover staff costs associated with processing the new book), this is halved to £3 if the invoice is paid within one week of issue. 
- Any outstanding fines accrued up to the date that to you report the book lost. 

How long do I have to look for the book? 

We give a 40 day grace period before we issue you with an invoice. 

Can I borrow while I’m looking for the missing books? 

If you need to borrow during these 40 days then we’ll issue an invoice sooner and ask you to leave a deposit for the value of the book + an administrative charge. We’ll hold onto this money until after the 40 days are up, or until you decide the book won’t turn up. You’ll also have to pay any outstanding fines before you can borrow. 

How can I pay? 

We accept cheque or cash as payment. Unfortunately, we are unable to accept online card payments at present. 

When will I have to pay for a replacement? 

As mentioned above, if you need to borrow, we’ll make up an invoice before the end of the 40 days, against which you will need to leave a deposit for the full amount – we’ll hold onto this until the end of the grace period at which point we’ll contact you to see if the book has turned up. Alternatively, if you don’t need to borrow, we’ll issue an invoice at the end of the 40 days which you will have one month to pay. Please note, once a replacement copy has been ordered, payments are non-refundable. 

Can I supply my own copy as a replacement? 

Absolutely! It’s possible to find cheap, second-hand copies of many academic texts online and many students choose to do this rather than pay our supplier costs. When ordering second-hand please ensure that the replacement is in good condition and has no markings in the text body or we will be unable to accept it as a replacement. Please note that the admin fee will still be payable. 

What happens if I find the book? 

If you find the book before the end of the 40 days, great! We’ll just treat it as an overdue book and work out the fines as normal. If you’ve paid a deposit in order to borrow, we’ll also refund this to you. If, however, you find the book once we have ordered a replacement copy, or you have provided a replacement copy yourself, we cannot offer a refund.